A lot has happened in the bass manufacture of CLOVER!

Founded in Recklinghausen, Germany, in the Ruhr area in 1987 by Reinhard Jedamzik ​​(today Delano pickup systems), Clover soon struck out of the German finest bass builder scene by means of modern designs and innovative use of graphite necks combined with premium electronic circuits. Models like the Slapper or BassTard were pioneers. The innovative combination of a traditional tone combined with exclusive carbon and electronics were sophisticated at this time and are now sought collector items.

Jedamzik ​​decided to concentrate on his pickup systems in 2005, so Jörg Neugebauer bought the company, and withdraws the new instruments from production with carbon. Since 2005 Clover produced the basses in Munich, and soon were distinguished by a consistently vision of traditional instruments including an excellent price / performance ratio.

2015 was a milestone in the further development of high-quality Clover basses. Petr Vykydal overtook Clover and added to the brand a breeding ground for professional further growth. With one of the largest workshops for exquisite stringed instruments in Europe in the back and the famous know-how of building in Bohemian finest musical instrument by his company NBE. Clover moved between Pilsen and Prague – and can profit now from the almost inexhaustible reservoir of one of the world’s largest bearings for carefully selected and finest stored tone-wood. For the first time, there are now capacities for quantitative growth in order to serve the growing international demand at a premium level.